Welcome to the Ancient Township of Grampound with Creed.

Here you will find infomation about the place, the history, local organisations, businesses, places to stay and events.

Grampound Carnival AGM January 28th

Carnival banner

There may not be a carnival in Grampound this year unless committee members are found to coordinate the event.

The carnival committee had its annual general meeting on 28th January at 19:30 in the Village Hall. The chair, treasurer, and secretary have all stepped down and they were thanked for their hard work over the past few years.

Ahead of the meeting a circular had said:

Parish Council meeting January 15th

The parish council agenda is available online for the next meeting. Please visit the document store for the agenda and previous minutes.

For information on parish council meetings please visit the Parish Council page.

Parish Council meeting December 18th

Farewell to John Sweetman Town Crier for Grampound with Creed

John Sweetman, Town Crier, Grampound with Creed

Everyone will recognise Mr John Sweetman from the Carnival and other events in Grampound. He has been a town crier for 36 years and officially for Grampound for nearly 20 years.

Small field and lime pits in the Tannery development

The small field in the Tannery development has now been leased to the Parish Council which intends to make it an open space for the community of Grampound with Creed.

Today members of the Tannery Residents Association (William Netting, Keith Jones), the landowner (Jonathon Croggon), and members of the Heritage Committee of the Parish Council (Tina and Terry Tyler, Peter Wootton, Liz Fisher) met at the field to consider fencing and maintenance.

Grampound's clock

As you may have noticed the clock stopped for a few days in November. Time has stood still at five past seven in Grampound!

There was a problem with the chiming mechanism and the clocksmith was called to attend to it. The hammer is stuck and will need fixing.

It is now running again but does not chime.

Thanks to Stephanie Cairns who winds the clock each week to keep it in top condition.

Christmas church events in Grampound

The churches page has been updated with the Church events this Christmas.


Public consultation meeting for wind turbine at Penbetha Farm

Flyer for wind turbine application

There is a public meeting at Grampound Village Hall on Friday 14th November 2014 to discuss the plans for a wind turbine at Penbetha Farm. Doors open at 18:30 and a presentation will be given at 19:00 by the developer.

The attached flyer was circulated to the village in recent weeks.

Parish Council meeting November 20th

The agenda for the parish council meeting on November 20th has been published.

Also the minutes of the last meeting in October.

For more information on visiting meetings please see the parish council page.


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